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Buckin’ Life is a docuseries that introduces viewers to these fun loving, tough as nails, over the top, hardworking rodeo athletes. The heart of Buckin’ Life lies in the question what drives one to risk so much for potentially so little. Professional rodeo is a pay-to-play enterprise. Unlike other professional sports, there are no salaries, there are no multi-million dollar contract and few high dollar sponsors.

We will hear first hand what led them to choose such a risky venture. Also, the day-to-day struggles of training and competing to be a champion while working a “steady” job to support themselves and loved ones are. What do family and friends think of their choices? Can they keep this up and where do they hope to go from here?

The journey to capturing a championship buckle is anything but easy. The sport of rodeo can be bone crushing. Just how tough do you have to be to live this Buckin’ Life?

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Hosted by Marshall Teague

Host: Marshall Teague

An American film and television actor known for his role in the 1989 cult movie Road House and for his recurring role on the 1990s science fiction series Babylon 5 as a Narn named Ta'Lon. Teague has also appeared in the 1996 film The Rock and the 1998 movie Armageddon, Western films Monte Walsh, Crossfire Trails, & Shadow Riders. Multiple appearances on Walker Tx Ranger, and recently TV shows Leverage & Criminal Minds.

Marshall is also a military veteran, retired deputy sheriff and former rodeo competitor.

Meet the Team

Scott Shepherd

Creator / Producer

Producer of film and TV shows, he is the recipient of the Bronze Telly in 2015 for the documentary One and recipient of the 2002 Jeanne Star Emerald award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council. Known for his work with The Lone Ranger from 2000-2002. Horse trainer, roper, competes in Ranch rodeos and owns a small horse ranch in Las Vegas.

James De Masi

Creator / Producer

Mr. De Masi has risen over $50,000,000 for film production and real estate related projects since 1999. James De Masi is the co-founder of ProActive Media Group, now Astrablu Media, Inc..

Tana Rule


Worked with the Discovery Channel and Travel Channel on numerous TV shows. Has worked with RFD in capacities as a producer and director. Comes from a family that competes and trains cutting horses. Tana is also a team roper.

Tom Greene

Consulting Producer

Veteran Producer/Director/Writer of some of TV’s number one shows; Magnum PI, Knight Rider, Wildside, Man from Atlantis, Swamp Thing and Thunder in Paradise to name a few. Recipient of two director awards from the Art of Television and the Mari Award.

Brett Frame

Producer / Post

Known for his visual effects work on films such as The Hunt for Gollum, Deadly Renovations, 7 Stones, and The Debacle (a film he was Producer/DP/Post on). He has also produced several Addy Award winning commercials.

Scott Miller

Field Producer / Director

Over 24 years in the film & TV industry in LA as a stuntman and stunt coordinator. Former bull rider and employee of Gary Leffew’s training school... plus a solid 7 handicap golfer.

Melanie Biedebach


Produced and directed numerous corporate videos, commercials and PSAs for clients such as Sunkist, Amonix, Circuit City, Evotech and more. Owns horses and competes as a roper in Norco, California. Has been working as a reporter and commentator in the rodeo industry for over 15 years.

Dotty Ewing

Associate Producer

Senior Communications Executive and Executive Producer of America's Favorite Trail Horse. Lead programing for all Equestrian (Western and English) events and lifestyle content for HRTV, spearheading all co-production, acquisition, promotion and marketing. Previous leadership experience at numerous established and start-up entertainment networks including The HorseTV Channel, Lifetime, Showtime, HSN and SiTV.

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